4 Tips to Help Lower Your Collierville, TN Utility Bill

Winter months bring colder temperatures to Collierville, Tennessee. Although it is a welcomed change-of-pace from the scorching summer months, many people struggle to adapt to the changing season. When colder weather can cause those utility bills to climb, we at The Carrington want to do whatever we can to help lower the bill for you.

Here are 4 tips you can follow this winter to help lower your utility bill ... 

1. Keep the air clean and flowing through your home.

Clean air vents prevent unwanted dust, dirt and other particles from blowing through your home. If you buy a bulk package that can last you an entire year, you can replace your air filters for a cost as low as $2.

Weekly dusting of your vents and ceiling fans can reduce the cost of circulating air through your home. In addition to this, heat rises, so turn your ceiling fan in the opposite direction, pushing it back towards the living areas of your home.


2. Load your dishwasher efficiently.

You don’t need to remove all of the food particles on your dishware, so prepare your dishes in a bath of hot soapy water. Keep your plates on the bottom rack towards the center of your dishwasher and place the handle of your utensils towards the bottom. Place bowls, cups and Tupperware on the top row - the curvature will prevent the dishes from being cleaned effectively. Using good detergents such as Miele or a high efficiency soap will clean aggressively without causing damages to your plates.


3. Unplug your unused electronics, and replace your light bulbs.

It has been estimated that 10% of your energy consumption comes from unused electronics. Unplug your unused appliances, desktop computers, video game consoles, and televisions sets to see immediate savings. You can make this experience easier with a power strip to turn off energy to multiple devices all at once.


4. Switch to low-energy light bulbs.

Energy-efficient light bulbs can reduce your annual energy costs. Adding LED light bulbs to your home will save you as much as six-to-ten times on your energy expenses. Although they cost more to begin with, they last ten times as long. If you are tired of standing on ladders to replace your light bulbs every three months, you’ll love these.

Most importantly, stay warm and enjoy these colder months. Stock up on blankets and cozy socks. Turn the heat down when traveling and being away from your apartment for awhile. Before you know it, the sun will be beaming and the AC’s will be powering up. Enjoy this winter season at The Carrington, and save big with these helpful tips!


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